Sample service interface, V. 3 with new, flattened XML schema mbsvc3.xsd

Select a search method and fill in the appropriate parameters

Choose a search method

Keyword search
Remote search
Find an object by its morphbank identifier
Taxonomic name search
Recently changed objects
Find an object by its external identifier

Select object type(s). Leave unchecked for all types

Image Specimen Locality
Taxon View Collection
Character Matrix OTU

Other parameters

Geolocated items only
Maximum number of results
Offset to first result
User id
Group id
Beginning change date as mm/dd/yyyy
End change date as mm/dd/yyyy
Leave beginning date blank for most recent changes, enter number of days
Morphbank or external id
Taxonomic name

Choose an output format

IDs only in XML
XML using schema
Thumbnail page Now featuring Google maps for geolocation
RSS feed new option
Detailed information in RDF

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